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Find a Veterinarian

Thousands of animal owners cannot get access to veterinary services when it is needed. VETSon arms you with the tools to connect with a veterinarian, diagnose rapidly, and have medication sent direct to the farm. Book an online appointment with a Vet with flexible booking times using VETSon today.

Work with Farmers

As veterinarians we know the demands of the job. VETSon gives you the tools to serve your clients without having to be on the farm for every call and provide you with the lifestyle you deserve.


VETSon arms veterinarians with an AI powered virtual healthcare platform that facilitates direct to customers and delivery of medication/supplies, tracks animal health and facilitates traceable communication between the veterinarian and their client.

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“At a time of uncertainty, change, & limited availability of farm animal veterinary care, we feel blessed to have found a reliable, dedicated, knowledgeable, and innovative farm animal virtual service. VETSon provides an innovative easy to use virtual vet service. The app allows us farmers to book appointment, track appointments, order needed medications/prescriptions, see veterinary notes, and get invoices. And it’s very affordable!! Thank you to everyone at VETSon for creating & proving a much-needed service for farm animal owners.”

Northern Life Farmstead

“Finding access to vet services for small scale farm operations is a common challenge for many new farmers. VETSon was the absolute answer for my small sheep operation. The user friendly VETSon app makes it easy to book virtual appointments with a practice I could have a veterinary relationship with and order prescriptions and supplies. It is the forward thinking and progressive approach to animal husbandry we need to modernize the industry.”

J. Small

Ontario, Canada