Our Services

  • Medication shipped direct to farm
  • Easy to use video consultations
  • Select and purchase product
  • Serving small farms and backyard farms

Customer Benefits

  • Get better access to a veterinarian
  • Decrease costly on-site visits
  • Purchase medication and supplies easily
  • Shipments sent direct to the farm
Virtual Healthcare for Animals

Experience a new level of efficiency in veterinary healthcare with VETSon.

VETSon empowers veterinarians with an advanced AI-powered virtual healthcare platform that streamlines direct-to-farm sales and delivery of vital medication and supplies. The platform also enables seamless tracking of animal health and facilitates transparent communication between the veterinarian and the customer. With VETSon, veterinarians can provide optimal care to their farm clients, all while ensuring reliable and traceable records of their interactions.

“Love the concept, and the ability to solve simpler issues with on-line support.  Especially like the ability to order product VIA the website, …. I almost want to be involved with VETSon”

Alapaca Farmer

Ontario, Canada