Can Technology & Innovative Solutions Help Ease The Veterinarian
October 25, 2022

Media Release  – Woodstock, ON. October 25, 2022

Veterinarian burnout and retirements have resulted in critical shortages plaguing the livestock industry in Canada, United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Thousands of small farms across Canada cannot access veterinary care at all. Simple tasks, such as getting medication to farms or speaking with a veterinarian regarding treatment protocols, have become a challenge in Canada.

VETSon, a southern Ontario technology start up company, is working on innovative solutions to alleviate the stress that farmers experience when trying to get help from a veterinarian for their livestock.

Dr. Glen Yates, the co-founder of VETSon, and former owner of the successful mixed-animal practice Yates Veterinary Hospital in Woodstock says, “The current model of providing veterinary service to farms cannot keep up with the demand. Because of the shortage of veterinarians, most practices can only provide service to large farms.  As a result, many small farms, are often left with no animal health options.“

Dr. Yates, goes on to say that, “VETSon is working to solve this crisis by putting innovative tools and technology in the hands of livestock veterinarians. These tools can help them support more farms, without veterinarian burnout and compromised revenue. The tools and technology support farmers with economical service.”

VETSon’s virtual healthcare platform is built on the same premise that Dr. Yates built his practice on 45 years ago and still maintains today……..”Provide service that is accessible to everyone so they can look after their animals”. Dr. Yates believes technology will make accessibility achievable so that veterinary service will become equitable for farms of all sizes and types. 

VETSon is interested in hearing from small farms across Ontario who need to be connected to a veterinary practice. Please contact us at 

About VETSon: The company provides innovative animal health services to large animal livestock farms using the latest technology combined with knowledgeable veterinarians. For more information visit The VETSon app is now available for free download via the Apple App Store or Google Play.